Project Management Systems

Dynamic and flexible delivery.

We deliver both routine and emerging projects across large distances in SEQ. We’re committed to keeping projects on track while maintaining our core commitment to quality and safety.

Intrinsic Energy Solutions has a number of dedicated project management roles, that work cooperatively to keep our company-wide work program running smoothly.

Large projects are assigned a specialist project manager, while routine works are managed by our works coordinator. We’ve also got a dedicated logistics manager who coordinates the equipment, staff and material required for every project, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Our data-driven approach for the future.

We use our own exclusive ‘Intrinsic Energy Solutions App’ to capture, manage and analyse data across the street lighting network. We’re able to continuously improve our understanding of the infrastructure, identifying important trends and insights. Using this information, we can invest in high-performance products and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

We do streetlight construction & maintenance and electricity network construction.