Electricity network construction

Intrinsic Energy constructs overhead and underground powerlines for the electricity network. We work with both low-voltage and high-voltage power networks. Our service is professional and reliable, adhering to rigorous planning, approval and safety protocols. Find out why Intrinsic Energy is the trusted choice of electricity suppliers.

Overhead and underground electricity network construction.

At Intrinsic Energy Solutions, we’ve got extensive experience in constructing overhead (or aerial) electricity infrastructure. With our specialised equipment and highly-trained team. We also have the equipment and knowledge necessary to build underground electricity infrastructure. We’ve got the capability to manage the construction process end-to-end, including:

  • Site and material preparation
  • Hole digging and preparation
  • Installing power poles
  • Stringing mains electricity lines
  • Switching power when construction is complete.

Low-voltage and high-voltage networks (LV and HV).

We construct electricity distribution lines that are either low voltage and high voltage. For safety reasons, there are different processes and approvals needed for each.

At Intrinsic Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves on our relationship with electricity suppliers. We’ve proven our commitment to responsible and safe services, by understanding and complying with our detailed obligations.

If we’re completing a low-voltage (LV) project, we’ll switch the power in accordance with the processes and approvals set by the electricity supplier. And if the power is high voltage (HV), we’ll liaise with the electricity supplier to ensure switching occurs safely and on time.

Our longstanding relationship with electricity suppliers means that we’ve got a comprehensive understanding of the planning process, approvals and notifications needed to work on the electricity network. Our clients can be fully confident in our ability to get the job done well, done safely and done on time.

We also do streetlight construction and maintenance.