About the Intrinsic team

Our team at Intrinsic Energy brings decades of industry experience and qualifications to match. We’re passionate about the work we do, and always on the lookout for ways to work better and smarter. We care about our colleagues and our clients, and we’re proud of our commitment to safety and excellence.

  • Chris Edlond - Compliance Manager

    As one of the owners and founders of Intrinsic Energy Solution, Chris has over 15 years’ experience in the supply industry field and still maintains an active, hands-on role in the business and it’s project delivery.

    Quality, Health & Safety and the Environment are overriding elements in any major project, and as a licensed electrician Chris is highly aware of the importance of these considerations on a worksite. Armed with a Science Degree majoring in Mathematics, and currently studying part time for a low degree, Chris adopts a highly analytical approach to his role and is constantly driven towards continually improving the relevant processes. A veteran of more than 15 years in this role at Intrinsic Energy Solutions, Chris brings a wealth of critical expertise to any project large or small.

  • Bryan Edlond - Operations Manager

    Leading from the front, Bryan applies his decade of experience as an electrical mechanic to each and every project. Driven and focused on safe, on time delivery, Bryan brings energy and enthusiasm to each job and makes it his own. This leadership style sets the example to all our team members and sets the benchmark for how we approach all our activities. Managing all daily operations, Bryan brings his knowledge, skill and enthusiasm and inspires the team.

  • Peter Robinson - Logistics Operations Manager

    With an automotive trade and a lifetime of experience in vehicles, Peter keeps our fleet in tip-top shape. For the past 12 years, he has been managing our fleet of over 50 vehicles and plant items and he applies his skills and knowledge to ensure that we are always ready to roll out and that everything we need for the job is at the ready. But not only do we need the trucks and equipment to get the job done, we need the parts too; Peter plays a vital role in supporting all aspects of our important work.

  • Trent Biddle - QHSE Coordinator

    On the front line, Trent is charged with ensuring that our health and safety, quality and environmental systems are put to work. More than just a few pieces of paper, our commitment to health and safety, quality and the environment and our systems, are really at the fore of our activities and Trent makes sure that we maintain our focus and dedication. As an Electrical Mechanic, Trent is very familiar with the risks we face and understands how to work safely on the electrical distribution network.

  • Stacy Mann - Maintenance Coordinator

    Driving our purpose built public lighting maintenance application, Stacy oversees the daily activities of our maintenance crews. Working from Tin Can Bay to Coolangatta and managing tens of thousands of maintenance jobs a year, Stacy keeps the teams humming. For the past 10 years, her attention to detail, dedication and focus on getting the job done on time, safely has been key to our award-winning service delivery.

We do streetlight construction & maintenance and electricity network construction.