We believe that safety and quality go hand in hand

Safety is, without compromise, a core value of Intrinsic Energy Solutions. In fact, we consider it a pillar of our company and an absolute necessity to achieve outstanding results.

All of our company standards meet those described in AS4801 (for occupational health and safety) and ISO1400 (for environmental management).

We have systems and procedures in place to help us maintain a safe workplace, both at our depots and on worksites. But we believe that safety goes beyond the workplace, so we also foster a culture of safety in what we say and do.



Our systematic approach to safety.

We use a holistic system to manage our safety, quality and environmental performance. This approach recognises the connections between these outcomes and ensures complete clarity for our team. The system includes:

  • Manuals
  • Documented processes and procedures
  • Work instructions
  • Safe work methodology
  • Training and induction
  • Toolbox meetings
  • Internal audits for continuous improvement



By combining these approaches, we’ve created a culture of safety that is clearly and openly communicated every single day.



We do streetlight construction & maintenance and electricity network construction.