Streetlight construction and maintenance.

Intrinsic Energy offers complete street lighting services across South East Queensland. Our experienced, fully-equipped crews are dedicated to patrolling and maintaining streetlight infrastructure. When lights need to be replaced or upgraded, or the streetlight system needs extending, our construction team is ready to step in.


Intrinsic Energy Solutions conducts streetlight patrols year round throughout South East Queensland, covering Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and many more. We’ve got multiple crews on the road every day, covering every street in a carefully-planned approach. We analyse and report network data to inform our maintenance programs and the infrastructure owners.




Streetlights require routine maintenance to keep them operational and safe. Some maintenance needs, such as a blown bulb, are obvious with a visual inspection. Other things require a closer, more detailed examination. We also maintain light poles to make sure they’re secure and stable.


Construction, replacement and upgrades.

Intrinsic Energy Solutions offers complete streetlight solutions, which includes the construction and installation of new streetlights. Whether this is for an additional streetlight in an existing network or multiple new streetlights in a new development, we’ve got the experience and capability to help.

We also upgrade existing streetlight systems to take advantage of newer technology that has lower running and maintenance costs, as well as better performance.

Did you know?

If a streetlight is damaged or suffers an impact, it must be inspected urgently and may require replacement. This is often the case when a vehicle collides with a light pole. Even if the pole isn’t obviously damaged, the integrity and stability of the pole can be affected.

Smart lighting.

Smart lighting is an emerging technology, with plenty of potential applications. Smart street lighting can include dimmable LED lights, data collection sensors, data communication technology, digital signs, emergency systems and surveillance systems.

Street lighting is our speciality, so it makes sense that Intrinsic Energy Solutions are on the forefront of this innovative technology. We’re working with a number of clients to develop, install and trial smart lighting technology.

We also do electricity network construction.